Museum in Exile Digital Engagement Program Launches!

With the Cayuga Museum closed to the public and the staff predominantly working from home, our public operations must now be committed exclusively through online mediums.

Welcome one and all to the Cayuga Museum’s new, all digital “Museum in Exile” program. Every Monday, we will explore our art collection. On Wednesday, we will take a look at local history and find interesting snapshots into our relevant past. Finally, on Friday, we will be posting blog entries on our website detailing some of the ways the staff, board, and our families are keeping busy while in quarantine (more information on the blogs will be available this Friday). This program will ensure that, while our doors are closed, your community museum is still doing our part to present the fascinating history and culture of Cayuga County.

Kicking off our first history day, let’s take a look back over 100 years ago to the last American pandemic, the dreaded yet forgotten “Spanish” Influenza of 1918. An estimated 675,000 people died (5% of the population) in the U.S. from flu in the fall of 1918 and winter of 1919. Go to our website and see what an article in the Auburn Citizen had to say about the eerily familiar disease:

Quality content like our “Museum in Exile” programming is only possible if we can sustain the staff who research and write our content. Make a contribution to your community museum,and help us keep you engaged with your history and art in this difficult time

One thought on “Museum in Exile Digital Engagement Program Launches!

  1. I’m eager to see some pictures of the prison exterior from days past. I am making a collage for a retiring guard
    Did the prison inmates participate in preparing hemp for rope making go local factories

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