Museum at Home Interactive Blog: #exhibitme Challenge!

Every Friday of our Museum in Exile Program is our Museum at Home Interactive Blog Day!

We will recount stories and photos of our staff and board member’s personal experiences while in quarantine, and invite audiences to join us in the various interactive challenges we come up with to entertain ourselves at home. This is an extraordinary period we are living through, and any content we receive from you during these challenges will be added to the Museum’s digital collection for future analysis by historians.

Kicking off this program, we have decided to announce the #exhibitme challenge! While alone at home, missing the wonderful collection at the Cayuga Museum, our Museum instincts had us itching to look through our personal collections and we may have gone a little crazy in the process.

Geoff, the Director of Development, loves maps. He lives alone, so he decided to invite an audience of various stuffed animals to view his collection. Check out their experience:

Audience Arrives

Map of Lake Burton:
My favorite place on this planet is in the North Georgia mountains. Nearly every Summer of the year, my family would go there. We would cook for each other, sing folk songs, read by the lake, swim in the warm water, and enjoy being a loving family together.

Map of the Appalachian Trail:
I have lived my entire life throughout four different states, all along the Appalachian Trail. Whether it was Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, or New York, such divergent places all connected by a single path through nature. When I feel like the world is so huge and disparate, I think about how such simple things can connect us all.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Rules for the #exhibitme Challenge:

  1. Pick 3-5 objects to exhibit!
    • These objects can say something about you, your family, what you like to collect, what is important to you, or your experience in quarantine

  2. Document!
    • Take pictures of your pieces (either separate photos, or one photo of all objects together)

  3. Interpret your pieces!
    • In two to three sentences, tell us what these objects mean to you and identify them or give them a title

  4. Share with us! 
    • Post your images and labels in the comments section of this blog or go on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, tag the Cayuga Museum and add these hashtags to your post: #musuemfromhome#museumathome#nysmuseums#exhibitmechallenge

  5. *Optional: Document an audience for your exhibit
    • Include photos of you, your family, or other inhabitants engaging with your exhibit!

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7 thoughts on “Museum at Home Interactive Blog: #exhibitme Challenge!

  1. For my #exhibitme Challenge, Sophie and I enjoyed a small selection of art pieces on display as part of the Stone-Szpaicher Art Collection. Check out our video by following the YouTube link below. In the video description, I have included links to all of that artists’ webpages. Please check out their work and possibly add to your own art collection!

    Virtual Tour:

    Thank you!

  2. Feeling deserted? No social life? You and what’s on the walls?
    The photo attached may give a sense of isolation.
    It can also give a sense of Beauty and Survival.
    Dessert plants and inhabitants survive. We will as well.
    Change is necessary.

  3. Organizing more of my vintage glass. So nice to take my mind off this pandemic! This pattern is Fenton Glass Royal Purple.

  4. I’ve been spending the quarantine organizing some of my vintage glass collections. This one is Fenton “Lilac” pattern.

  5. Today, Let’s take a little photo trip to places of nature and interest. Althoughcurrently it may not be feasible to travel in real time, we all have photos that inspired us to keep somewhere. Perhaps in a box on a shelf, photo album, computer file, phone file,wall
    or framed on the mantle. I will share (6) more photos. Enjoy, Lucy
    #2. “Meditative creation with Lake Ontario flat stones”

  6. Lucy and Bill Thomas spending the day at the B.Forman Park on Lake Ontario in Putneyville NY.
    Walk, play with the stones, read, picnic and take in the beauty.

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