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Museum at Home Interactive Blog: Short Film Challenge

By May 15, 2020July 28th, 2020No Comments

Today’s Museum at Home Blog marks the end of our current Museum in Exile structure. For the rest of quarantine, we will now do a consolidated, single day of programming every Wednesday.

Thank you so much for engaging with us. We hope you have enjoyed this new dive into digital programming and are looking forward to the coming weeks we have planned. In marking the end of this phase in the Museum in Exile program, we wanted to invite you to play around with our community’s major contributions to the film industry!

For those who are not in the know, the Cayuga Museum operates the former home and laboratory of Theodore Case, who in the early 20th century introduced (among other major innovations) sound film to the world! Learn More about Theodore Case Here!

In recognition of our film history, we thought you might like to see some of our more recent explorations of this programming. In 2019, with the Seward House Museum and Harriet Tubman National Park, we introduced the Hands-On History Camp, a fully interactive summer camp that got history minded youth to interact with and ultimately fall in love with their history. Their final projects, created on-site at the Cayuga Museum, involved making movies about their experiences! They were prompted to create short films about the moments in history they learned about during the camp. Take a look at their work!

Group 1 Video: Attempted Assassination of William Seward

Group 2 Video: Attempted Assassination of William Seward

Group 3: William Seward, Harriet Tubman, and Theodore Case Go On An Adventure

Now it’s your turn! Let’s make some very simple short films!

Rules of the Short Film Challenge:

1) Come up with an idea for a film! It can be essentially anything you wish to make, but here are some possible prompts:

-A documentary about your experiences
-A recording of any activities, outdoors or indoors, which you have taken up
-An exploration of one of the local history or art topics which we’ve focused on in this program

2) *Optional*: Make a script, props, and any other materials you think you will need for the film

3) Film it! Use your smartphone or a video camera and put the film together (we do not expect the films to be longer than 1 minute, but if you choose to make them longer they should be no longer than 5 minutes)

4) *Optional*: Edit your film! Want to add effects or cut out some scenes? Most computers have very simple video editing software (Windows Media Player for PCs and IMovie for Macs)

5) Share it with us! Make sure to share your film with us in the comments section of this blog or go on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, tag the Cayuga Museum and add these hashtags to your post: #museumfromhome #museumathome #nysmuseums #SupportCayuga #MuseumInExile

Thank you again for all your tremendous support, and have fun!

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