List of Resources for Challenging Racism and Injustice

List of Resources for Challenging Racism and Injustice

We recognize that, as your community museum, it is our responsibility to engage the public with as much context and understanding as possible with the current protests against racism and injustice. We also recognize that we must continue to challenge ourselves every day to find better ways to be a part of our communities. Please refer to this page for educational and cultural resources for your consideration.

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Learning Resources

American Library Association: White Allyship

A list of resources on how to be an effective white ally to communities of color in this time.

Black Lives Matter Toolkit

Various organizing, conflict resolution, and discussion toolkits for dealing with a variety of racial justice issues.

JSTOR: Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus

A comprehensive list of free articles and videos to learn about the history of this moment. A great resource for teachers wanting to work with their classrooms on this topic!

National Museum of African American History & Culture: Talking About Race

Various resources for educators, parents, allies, and all in between for how to talk about race and its impact.

NY Times: The 1619 Project

A project by the NY times that tracks the history of race in our country back from the arrival of the first African slaves in the Virginia Colony.

Sunshine Behavioral Health: Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

Resources and statistics addressing mental health in the black community and how racism affects mental health.

Local Resources

Auburn Public Theater Youtube Channel

Ahmaud Arbery: A Conversation in Three Parts Between Black & White Men

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