Arlene Pritzker

Artist Statement 

My artwork investigates the memories and perceptions of my experiences being in unfamiliar places. To me, being in a new place can be exciting yet confusing.

Using dramatic lighting, multiple angles of view, unexpected combinations and a recurring motif of windows, doors and stairs, I share with viewers my memories and perception of walks within and around unfamiliar cities and places. Only the interesting fragments remain creating an intimate essence of place.


I have always been interested in the construction and aesthetics of buildings, furniture and the tools that make them. I feel that hand-built objects not only show the artisan’s handiwork and skill but also their problem solving and thought processes. Those interests led me to work for over thirty years as a designer / drafter in the engineering and architectural industries.

Since 2014, as a full-time studio artist living and working in upstate New York, I have developed my signature semi-abstracted architecture and vignette style using traditional hand-drafting supplies and techniques in untraditional ways.  These materials create the dreamy effect from memories that is an important element of the work.


Image: Fate Pushes the Story Forward