Carriage House Theater

The third building on the Cayuga Museum campus: a multi-arts theater, the Museum’s programming space, and the historical site where some of the earliest sound films were produced!

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Constructed in the 1850s as (you guessed it) a carriage house for the Willard Mansion, much like the rest of the campus the carriage house played a distinctive role in the eventual development of the Movietone sound film system. In the mid-1920s, Ted Case installed a stage, sound booths, and lighting: transforming a building he referred to as his “barn” into a temporary film studio. To test his sound film system, Case invited vaudeville performers, comedy acts, and a variety of musicians to record their distinctive crafts in the space. The Cayuga Museum gained the building in the 1940s, and from that time onwards the Carriage House Theater has lived multiple lives to become a recognized arts and performance venue.

The theater today evokes its unique place in history as a versatile space where audiences can experience something new every time they visit.

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Carriage House Theater


203 Genesee St. (behind the Cayuga Museum)
Auburn, NY 13021

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Kirsten Wise
p: (315) 253-8051