Collection photo1The Cayuga Museum collects materials that document the lives of people living in the region from the earliest Native cultures to our neighbors today. Historic materials may include personal letters, business records, uniforms, tools, local souvenirs, paintings of the Finger Lakes, published books or family scrapbooks, hand-made quilts, and locally-manufactured products.

In addition to general collections, the Cayuga Museum also has a special initiative for the collection of artifacts related to the Auburn Prison. Auburn is home to the oldest continually operating prison in the United States. It is the first prison to use the electric chair and the namesake of the Auburn System, the model for all American prisons.

The Cayuga Museum is also home to the Case Research Lab collection. This collection preserves the development of the first commercially successful system of sound film.

If you are considering donating an object to the Cayuga Museum’s collections, please contact Kirsten Wise, curator, at 315-253-8051 or


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If you are planninCollection photo2g to travel to the area and want to use the archives while here, please make an appointment at least one week ahead of time.           Contact the Museum at 315-253-8051 to schedule your visit.