The Memory Project

March 3-December 31, 2021

Museums are fundamentally places to remember: to see an image or a sentence, to feel or taste or smell something that ties our work to a moment in your memory. Memory itself shapes who we are as individuals, communities, and even as a broader human race, and museums are a major part of shaping how we remember moments and individuals. Throughout the year, you will see rotating exhibits exploring the history, art, science, impact, process and so much more regarding how we remember. More Information >>

Harriet’s Legacy

Terry Plater
June 12 – August 7, 2021

Terry Plater’s exhibit title is meant to convey several things: the intergenerational history, value, and ownership of our collective American story as embodied in slavery and emancipation, and the acknowledgement of Harriet Tubman as a local figure and national treasure. More Information >>