Dionna Vereen

Dionna Vereen (Dionna V) is a proud, twenty-two-year-old African-American/Asian-American woman artist/poet, pursuer of pLaY, authenticity & connection, in love with the possibility of language! In her work, she tends to curiously explore the intrinsic sensuality, physicality, and musicality within language (and outside of it). She is also fascinated with the transactional relationships between language, the human body & the human condition. These pieces specifically delve into concepts such as the power of attentiveness in language, care for fellow humans, the power of the individual’s voice, the effect of society’s images on our children of color, and the deeply sensual, rhythmic, and luminescent spheres of language and love.

She holds a BFA at Syracuse University as of spring 2019, was the first Vice President and one of the founders of SU’s Linguistics’ Club, and is the creator and curator of “SunGround”– a nonprofit South Jersey forest festival in its third year as of June 2019. She was recently granted the title of Slam Champion at SU’s 9th annual “Take the Mic” Slam. She is a member of the Rochester poetry organization “Just Poets,” read as a part of The New York City Poetry Festival this past July, and will read as a part of the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival this upcoming October. Dionna also is exuberant to have just released a poetry album this past October entitled “Curiously Sensual: Words for the Physical & Mental Body.“