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We tried something new this year, the CNY Emerging Artist Project, which featured the work of nine artists from all around the region.  Through this new initiative, we saw an increase in brand new audiences to both the Cayuga Museum and City of Auburn, many of whom traveled here for the first time.  We provided an opportunity for artists to have a solo exhibition, and we are currently accepting submissions for next years’ Emerging Artist Project.

“The CNY Emerging Artist Project was an amazing experience.  It showed me that sharing my art brings value to those around me and has encouraged me to get involved in the community.  I’m now teaching art at a school for at risk youth, and I wouldn’t have been offered or taken that job if it weren’t for the show.” Arthur Hutchinson, Artist.

Our Giving Tuesday goal is to raise $500 for the 2019 CNY Emerging Artist Project.  Your donation dollars will be used to purchase supplies and exhibition materials.  Thank you!