In the Time of Corona

In the time of corona
there’s nowhere to go
but for sanity’s sake
I go for long walks
today, I drive
to one of my usual haunts
trees and a flowing creek
bring me solace and
a bit of normalcy

there are many people 
walking or running the trail
couples, families, others alone
we are all in this together
I remember
one couple stands out
an older man and woman
in their late seventies or early eighties
he in an Irish style cap
she in long dress and cape
they walk slowly
stopping now and then
to inspect a tree or gaze at water
rushing over rocks

we exchange smiles and hellos
from a distance, of course
and go our separate ways
they with their unhurried stride
me, nearly jogging 

on my return circuit
I notice them again
sitting on a bench
down a stepped bank
close to the surging creek
the woman looks up at me
smiles and gives a small wave
her hair, a tumble of white
lovely against her tartan plaid 
I smile and wave back
silently pray,

Let them stay healthy.

Keep the virus away.

-Jan Graham

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