Jeff Delbel

When I started a deanship at Cayuga Community College in 1997, it took me awhile to actually meet Jeff Delbel whose “legendary” persona intrigued me from the start. A highly respected faculty member regarded by students, faculty, and administrators, I readily understood his noted reputation once we met, and that was cemented when we ran into each other at a summer jazz concert on the porch of the Springside Inn and had the chance for an easy conversation.

Jeff grew up in Plattsburg, NY and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Before college, he played in bands, was a competitive swimmer, and ran track.   College started at The University of Miami where he studied Philosophy and American Literature (1970-74.)  After graduation, Delbel worked for a music company; played in a band, and eventually came to Cayuga County to attend CCC. With his undergraduate degree in hand, Jeff enrolled in the electronic technology program and the college hired him as a tutor and technical assistant in the telecom program.  During the summer of ’76, he attended the Eastman School of Music to study multitrack recording.

He finished a Master’s degree program at Syracuse University’s acclaimed Newhouse school in 1978, and finished his Ph.D. program in 1990.  He was asked to return to CCC, where he unintentionally stayed for his entire career.

Dr. Delbel returned to playing the bass in 1986, and continues playing with a band called The Bags.  He has two adult children who graduated from CCC, and progressed to careers as a nurse (his son) and his daughter as an insurance professional. An Auburn resident, these days, Jeff teaches part-time (only online;) has traveled quite a lot to Europe and India, and spends several months each year living in Panama.

His first novel, Jimmy Eagleson kicks-off a writing series with the second novel Salvatore scheduled for a fall release that will be followed by Kate’s Gift. While Jeff studied screen writing and wrote a good number of scripts, his fiction works are his initial attempts at this particular literary genre.

Jeff Delbel will bring his world view, wisdom, stories, and read his work at “word, revisited” on Thursday, April 27th at 6 PM in Theater Mack, Cayuga Museum.  You can sign up for the open mic session starting at 5:30 PM that will follow Jeff’s talk, his Q&A and a brief intermission.   Plus I can share even more information about this Auburn writer, intellectual, and his service to the community.

Come hear a local legend and also meet some new interesting people.  Delbel, April 27th, Theater Mack.

-bill berry, jr. (aaduna’s publisher)