Kevin Burke

April 19 – May 12

 Art has always been a deep-seated part of my life.  I remember being fascinated with color early in my childhood, and it has continued to captivate me through my life.  I am fascinated by the way we perceive color.  Much of my artwork has stemmed from childhood experiences; my mother babysat other children so we always did arts and crafts, helping me to develop my childlike imagery and taste for color.  Being around the other children helped me see the world through a child’s eyes and imagination.

  My artwork is inspired by everyday objects and drawn from my imagination.  I like to use very loose brushstrokes and a lot of color.  As a child I never enjoyed coloring in the lines, an idea I make apparent in my work.  I enjoy stacking multiple colors next to each other, creating mind “mazes,” challenging myself to get through them.  The mazes morph into characters that are drawn from my imagination- nothing is ever planned, it just comes out of my subconscious.  I allow paint to drip the way it “needs” to drip to create interesting backgrounds.  I am passionate about music and use it as a creative influence. 

worm hole, 2016, water color, spray paint, pen