Loren Bartnicke

Influenced by her Catholic upbringing, Loren Bartnicke is an artist concerned with the topic of personal transformation primarily as a result of ideological conversion and deconversion. The overwhelming opticality of her work invites us to pay attention. Her use of intense colors and thick decadent paint may trigger a desire not just to look, but also to touch. She believes an awareness of our senses and desires is part of the transformative experience.

Born in 1991 (St. Louis, MO) and raised in Little Rock, AR, Bartnicke received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mississippi State University and later earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from Syracuse University. During her graduate studies, Bartnicke taught undergraduate courses in drawing and painting as an adjunct professor, and worked for Syracuse Stage as a scenic painter, where she painted theatre sets for three years. Currently, she continues her art practice in her home studio in Auburn, NY.

Prior to the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Bartnicke has exhibited her work in other locations nationally and internationally, including Little Rock, AR, Starkville, MS, Syracuse, NY, New York, NY and Moscow, Russia.