Make Your Own Portrait

Create your own portrait of an artist who inspires you!

Choose an artist! Pick an artist that stands out to you.

Research! Go online to learn more about the artist you chose. What is their painting style? What was their life like? What influenced them?

Create! Use Victoria’s template or make your own. Paint one of the portraits online by clicking on the button that looks like a pencil (you can expand the image by clicking a button on the bottom right) , or print one out and use any medium you like (colored pencils, paint, crayons) to create a portrait of the artist and fill in the background with something inspired by their artwork. 

Share! Send the image directly to us by clicking the share button at the bottom of the image or take a picture of your finished work and send it to, or tag us on social media. Your work will be shared in a gallery of portraits on our website!

Print Out

Print Out

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