Merlyn Fuller

Merlyn Fuller is a feminist, eclectic spiritual person, writer, and Arthurian legend aficionado from way back.  bill berry, jr., aaduna’s publisher first met her in 1997 way before there was even a thought about aaduna.  However, all those years ago, he was captivated by Fuller’s energy, positivity, and ability to perceive the world in unique and special ways.  Back then he knew her as an educator, colleague, musician, vocalist and creative person.  Little did he know that almost 20 years later, he would re-visit with her as a noted writer when he sought for aaduna to publish an excerpt from her 2016 book, The Merlinian Legend, a writing effort that propelled Ms. Fuller to finally do what needed to be done. What was that finality? She wrote the book she desired to read when she was 16 years old and deep in fairytales, myths, magic and fables.  These are her words.

In olden folklore and tales, (which my work is based on), Merlin traditionally got screwed out of having a love relationship with an equal, was punished for being magical, and was delivered a fate worse than death. In all fairness to him, and my female sisters, I have reworked the tale to include more of the Goddess, strong female characters, a HOT Merlin, true love found, winsome magic and real hope for the future.

I can finally face my 16 year old self and say “Here, hon. Read THIS.” And she will devour it, thank me for finally fixing the misogynistic Arthurian legends and in the same breath find that it relates to today and what she can do to fix the world.

The Merlinian Legend was nominated for a Central New York 2016 Book Award for Fiction.  And Heidi Nightengale, a faculty member at SUNY’s Empire State College, stated, “This Merlin is a Wizard beyond legend and one who, with his enchantress, redefines what love and responsibility are at just a time when the world needs this hopeful tale.  Her manuscript is scrumptious, edible and wonderful!”