Michele Jones Galvin

This is what we know…this is what we share…

Michele Jones Galvin decided to use the early months of 2017 to move through a mental and spiritual period of reflection and renewal. Many of us make similar resolutions; however, Michele’s thirty plus year career in public service and community activism suggests that she will be on point and purposely pursue her path to accomplish her goal.  Let’s get real.  Many of us should try to replicate the Galvin effort.  As Michele ventures towards reinventing herself with a fresh view of intriguing possibilities in this new year, each of us has the potential to do the same.  So, let’s get motivated! Michele shares, “I know public speaking will be a big part of that.” Well, imagine that goal!  Plan to witness her public speaking, and join her on March 9, 2017 as Ms. Galvin takes the stage as the featured speaker for the premier of “word, revisited.”


Michele shares her thoughts about her creative non-fiction book, co-authored with her Mom, Joyce E. Jones.

The work is based on genealogical research and our family ties to Harriet Ross Tubman, Greatest Conductor of the Underground Railroad.  The book chronicles the family saga from the survival of the Middle Passage, to slavery on the eastern shore of Maryland, to eventual freedom in Canada, and finally settling in Cayuga County.  Told from the perspective of descendants, “Beyond the Underground, Aunt Harriet Tubman, Moses of Her People” portrays the life, times and accomplishments of America’s famed abolitionist.  “Beyond…” is an intricate mix of memoir, family lore and historical reconstruction.  The book culminates as it speaks to the pivotal role of race, color and discrimination in the lives of Tubman, her family, and her descendants.    


Mark your calendar.  Get your friends together.  Enjoy an evening of welcoming and listening to Michele Jones Galvin. 6 PM. The Carriage House at Cayuga Museum in Auburn, NY. Admission $3/person.  Come and listen to Michele’s “words” and enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or soft drink available for purchase.

“word, revisited” is presented by the Cayuga Museum, Olive Trees, and aaduna. We look forward to seeing you on March 9th.

Doors open at 5:30 PM,  Open mic sharers who want to present their creativity to the audience are encouraged to sign up before 6 PM for an available space.