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It is the year 1921, and something very strange has happened in Auburn. Eccentric inventor, Edward Box, is well known for his kookie experiments, but in his pursuit of a world changing invention he accidentally ripped a hole in the space time continuum and now his home exists on a permanent timewarp, each room existing in different decades of the 20th century. Unphased, Box welcomes you to attend a party at his home, where he will finally unveil his new invention that will change the world forever. All goes according to plan…until he is found dead!

You and a group of friends, playing a devious cast of characters loosely based on local historical figures, must solve the murder of the deviant millionaire. But beware! The murderer is among you, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want!

Bookings include hors d’ouevres and two complimentary drinks. Come in costume, and have an action packed evening at your community museum!

Tickets are $75 per person,
$70 if your group includes a museum member.

Up to ten players will be able to play each night, so make sure to make your reservation ASAP!

Proof of vaccination or negative Covid test will be required to attend.

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