Pam Freeman

Poems tend to come to Pam Freeman when she’s hiking. There’s something meditative about following a trail in the woods. Occasionally the poems become song lyrics; a few, thanks to gifted collaborators, have found their way into music. Several poems have been published in Upstate Medical University’s annual literary journal, The Healing Muse. Pam is a three-time winner of the Muse’s Dearing Award, and her poem “Triptych 65/75/85” received the journal’s inaugural B. A. St. Andrews Award, named for founding editor Bonnie St. Andrews. Pam’s murder ballad “Loon” is anthologized in Poems About Death, edited by Eric v.d. Luft (Gegensatz Press, 2018).

Although Pam’s official career has involved writing, editing, and creative strategizing with artists, academics, and executives, she also scored memorable gigs in teaching, banking, shipping and receiving, bookstore management, food service, custodial services, accounts receivable—those are just the ones she remembers offhand. Currently, as a standardized patient, she role-plays cases with medical students in simulated clinical encounters. Pam sings alto, surrounded by far better talent, in MasterWorks Chorale and serves on its board of directors.

Pam likes her family, the outdoors, clean lakes and rivers, music, travel, skiing and kayaking, and almost every person and animal she meets. When she can’t scare up any of these distractions, she may have no choice but to write a poem.