Reina Apraez

In the past five years, I have finally come to a place in my life where I can appreciate my own art “collection”, the one that fills my home and the homes of my loved ones.  Until this point, my art has always been about process — initially and primarily inspired by abstract expressionists, working spontaneously, and problem solving from each new brush stroke, pencil scratch, knife scrape.  Now, my daily practices have infused themselves into my art and likewise, my art-making has become integrated into my home and rituals.  The imagery in many of my representational works developed from a series called “Romance, Borrowed Verses, Fantastic Death”, linking my favorite genres of art: classic still lives, German Expressionism, Catholic folk art, with a little call back to Cy Twombly — my favorite.  My use of dried flowers in my abstract works comes from an appreciation for collage and assemblage, and from my own personal ritual of drying bouquets and building floral tapestries.  Finally, mixed within my art you will find small altars I have built to help maintain a connection that my art belongs hung and mixed in homes, among other precious objects.