Order and Regulation in Auburn Citizen

Over the next several days, the number of victims continued to rise rapidly. The October 9, 1918 issue of the Auburn Citizen estimated that there were 1,000 people already sick with the flu in the City of Auburn. The same paper announced that the Public Health Dept. was ordering that all public places of assembly, including churches, schools, movie theaters, and Seymour Library, be closed until further notice. Public burials of people who died of the flu were also forbidden.

Transcript of Written text:

Order and Regulation

The preservation of life and health and proper consideration of the public health of the City of Auburn on account of the danger arising from the spread of influenza, now epidemic in the community, making it necessary and proper; it is hereby

Ordered, That all moving picture houses and all places where moving pictures are exhibited, all theaters, public and parochial schools and Sunday Schools, within the City of Auburn be and the same hereby are directed to be closed and to be kept closed until further order modifying or rescinding this order shall be made; and it is hereby further

Ordered, That every person having charge or control of any moving picture house or place where moving pictures are exhibited, any theater, any public or parochial school, or any Sunday School, within the City of Auburn be and he is hereby directed to close such house or place, theater or school immediately and to keep the same closed until the further order of the commissioner of Public Health shall be made modifying or rescinding this order; and it is hereby further

Ordered, That the penalty for the violation of or failure to comply with the foregoing order by any person shall be $100 and that such penalty be, and the same is hereby, imposed and prescribed in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health Law and if the REvised Charter of said City of Auburn; and it is hereby further

Ordered, That the foregoing order and regulation shall take effect immediately and shall continue to be in effect until the making of further order or orders modifying or rescinding of the same.

A.H. Nichols
Commissioner of Public Health

Auburn, N.Y., October 8, 1918
By order of the Commissioner of Public Health,
Thomas C. Sawyer, M.D.,
Health Officer

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