Staff Statement in Support of Ongoing Protests

There is a lot to be said about the injustices of our reality. For the anguish, the anger, the adamant calls for change in our communities around the country: we hear you, and we are with you.

A week ago in Minneapolis, George Floyd was taken from this world in a display of unadulterated, brutal violence. Like so many black and brown men and women whose blood has been spilt by the racism prevalent in our nation and its institutions, we remember his fate and we join our brothers and sisters in a call for this violence to end. No person should ever feel unsafe in their home, no person should ever feel that their neighbors are a threat to them, and no person should fear the powers in place that are meant to protect them.

We join the cries of sympathy and loss for the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others who have suffered simply for having darker skin. As an institution for our community’s memory, we recognize and condemn the foundations that have led us to this moment and we place our hopes with you that, this time, change will come.

We have so much love for our community, who turned out in support this weekend and took a stand. There is no easy road to be taken: our national history is built in a place of oppression that we clearly have yet to adequately address. From our roots in the horrors of slavery, we have yet to truly move ourselves forward from the division and hate created by that abysmal institution.

And so, we push. We call out. We make our voices heard, from here to every corner of this nation, we make it known that this must end. We are one of the most diverse nations on Earth: this should be a source of joy and absolute strength. We see here in Auburn the power of our diversity, and still there is more work to be done. Our only question is whether we have the strength to believe in our principles of an equal society and do the work to make it a reality.

The Cayuga Museum will do our part to challenge ourselves and question the ways we can always be a better part of our community family and call out injustice when it surfaces. We hope that you will join us in this challenge as well, and in remembering the pain of our past and present, that we can build a better future together for all of us.

Click Here and take a look at some of the available resources for challenging racism and injustice!