Suzanne Beason

“I am an autobiographical artist creating artworks that are born at the point of convergence between a moment, a method, and a material. The medium of printmaking is the bedrock of my artistic endeavors, encouraging me to see the world as textured layers, intriguing juxtapositions, and fleeting impressions which overlap to form both our personal history and our collective memoirs as human beings.

With this body of work, I have moved toward hand-printing–using my body, my strength, and my selection of tools to influence impressions on paper. Independence from the printing press, ironically, has become pivotal in the expression of the essence of printmaking. The openness of the monotype has allowed me to employ techniques of both traditional and non-traditional methods of application. The paper becomes both the plate and the print, recording the history of itself as evidence of the marks laid down remain visible and repeat to form patterns and underlying rhythms.

I have a BFA and a Masters of Arts in Printmaking from SUNY Oswego and have recently moved to Upstate New York after many years in Manhattan.  I am currently enjoying teaching painting at Cayuga Community College in Fulton, NY and continuing my studio work.”

Image: Green Hills and Bales, Monotype, 2017