We’re re-opening!

It’s happening everyone! We are opening again in exactly two weeks on Wednesday, March 3! We will still be operating under pandemic restrictions, so make sure to check out our updated hours of operation and more details before you make a reservation to visit here: https://cayugamuseum.org/visit-us/

Once we reopen, we will enter our 85th year of operation. In recognition of this milestone, we have a huge exhibit schedule that is simply called The Memory Project. Through out the year, you will see rotating exhibits exploring the history, art, science, impact, process and so much more regarding how we remember.

In March we will kick this off with Part 1 of the Memory Project, Processing the Past, where you will see historical images of Cayuga County and ask yourself: how does this photo shape the way I think about this moment? We will release more details of this project and the exhibits through out the year, but in the meantime we are thrilled to welcome you to your Cayuga Museum. See you soon!

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