For many communities in the so-called “developed” world, the concept of pandemics and epidemics have become long forgotten horrors from the past, but the prevalence of these outbreaks helped to shape so many of the legal and even the physical structures that we now consider commonplace in our modern existence. We are today putting to the test lessons which we have learned from our past. Like all communities around the globe, Auburn is no stranger to a history of hard-earned lessons from disease. 

Explore this timeline and take a closer look at the major dates in the history of epidemics and pandemics in relevance to the creation of our modern existence in Auburn!

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Have you visited our Pioneer Physicians exhibit in the Museum? 

Explore the medical case found there and get a better understanding of what doctors had to work with in the 19th Century, and how our understanding of healing has shifted and what has remained unchanged!

Explore this Digital Exhibit Here