Our archives include maps, letters, and documents related to the history of Cayuga County.

Collections of note include:

Page from Ted Case notes, Case Research Lab Collection

George Michaels Collection

George Michaels (1910 – 1992) was a Democratic Party politician from New York, who served in the New York State Assembly from 1961 to 1966 and 1969 to 1970.  He became known for his changed vote that played a pivotal role in the passage of an expanded abortion rights law in New York State. 

Willowbrook Collection

Willowbrook was the estate of Governor Enos T. Throop (1784-1874), a lawyer, politician, and diplomat. Throop served as Governor of New York from 1829-1832 and was later the Charge d’affaires to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Willowbrook remained in the Throop-Martin family until 1947. The Willowbrook Collection includes books, journals, and letters written by the members of the Throop-Martin family. 

“Jane Clark” by Julia Ferris, 1897, Cayuga County Historical Society Collection

John S. Clark Collection

General John S. Clark (1823-1912) was a Cayuga County native who served on the staff of Union General Nathaniel Banks during the Civil War. He was later the Auburn City Engineer. Clark mapped the route of the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition and became an authority on early Jesuit missions and the Iroquois. Clark’s book collection, maps, and militaria were purchased by Willard Case and donated to the Cayuga County Historical Society. 

John Hardenbergh Collection

Colonel John L. Hardenbergh (1746-1806) is regarded as the founder of Auburn, having built the first mill on Owasco Outlet. He was a surveyor and commander in the Revolutionary War, and participated in the Sullivan Campaign. The museum holds several of Hardenbergh’s journals.

Map of Cayuga County, John S. Clark Collection

Case Research Laboratory Collection

Theodore Case (1888-1944) was an Auburn scientist and inventor of sound-on-film technology and an infrared signaling system.  The Case Lab Collection includes lab notebooks, correspondence, purchase receipts, and patents.

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