Cayugans in the Field 1793-2003:
Citizen Soldiers of Cayuga County, New York

By Anthony Gero and Roger Sturcke

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 42
Publishing Information: 2003, The Jacobs Press Inc.


Since the 1790’s, Cayuga County residents have responded to the call of their nation and state in war, emergency and turmoil. For over 200 years, these citizen-soldiers’ legacy was passed down. As the 21sr century dawns and our soldiers are again sent “in harm’s way,” it is appropriate then that we should pause, remember and appreciate their past.

Our short history cannot be a comprehensive work; two centuries of Cayuga’s military history would fill hundreds of pages. Yet, as the reader wanders through this historical cornucopia, the fullness of “duty, honor, country” achieved by Cayuga County residents is remarkable.

We have styled our booklet as a historical essay and have tried to indicate,· where possible, our sources. Due to length considerations, we have not used traditional footnoting, but have included a selected bibliography to indicate where one can start to look for additional details.

Finally, there will be omissions of units and people, dictated by our booklet’s size. Hopefully, a larger, more comprehen­sive military history can be funded and written that will deal with these topics, in more depth. Meanwhile, let us explore the rich and valuable record of Cayuga County residents since 1793. Our past is not dead; it only needs to be remembered in story and verse so what has been achieved will not be squandered.