Cornhusk Doll Workshop

About the Program

Come to the Cayuga Museum on Saturday, June 29 for a very special Creative Explorers Saturday activity! Kristin Asche from Ganondagan State Historic Site will lead a cornhusk doll making workshop. This workshop will present the importance of corn to the Seneca people and its many uses. The instructor will bring many different examples of cornhusk items to the classroom. Your class will hear the story of The No Face Cornhusk Doll and construct their own individual doll.

This workshop will start at 10:30am in the Cayuga Museum Downtown location at 144 Genesee Street, Suite 100 and last about an hour. The program is free to attend, but reservations are required as capacity and materials are limited. Please note that reservations are for children only. Adults are welcome to attend, but only children will be provided with materials to create cornhusk dolls. This activity will require some ability for a child to independently work on the doll without abundant adult supervision, so we recommend this workshop for children ages 5-12.

Saturday, April 29
10:30 am

Cornhusk Doll Workshop


Free Admission (Children Ages 5-12)

Reservations Required, Supplies will be provided


The following points are guidelines about how to respectfully engage with this unique Haudenosaunee cultural experience. Please contact the Museum with any questions you may have prior to the workshop.


We ask that questions be held until the end of the program or until the presenter opens the floor for them.

Only One Speaker at A Time

In Haudenosaunee tradition, only one person speaks at a time. This shows respect for the speaker and is important so that everyone hears the same words.

Please Stand While Talking

If you are able to stand while talking, please do. In Haudenosaunee tradition, speakers stand when asking questions or presenting; we encourage your students to as well. It
is a formal way of showing respect to your audience and a great way to project your voice.

No Distracting Devices Please

We ask that the audience is prepared to listen with no distractions.

Please Handle Objects Gently

We ask that if objects are passed around that they be handled with care and that they be passed along quickly so that everyone has a chance to study them.

Thank you to Ganondagan, the Seneca Art & Culture Center, for providing this cultural learning experience for young visitors.

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