Exhibits on Display

New in 2022!

Proof Positive

Explore the history of wine, beer, and spirit making in Cayuga County!

Through the Decades: 100 Years of Living United

Explore the history of the United Way of Cayuga County and its affiliate institutions as the community celebrates the United Way of Cayuga County's 100th Anniversary!

100 Years of Sound Film

On December 14, 1922, Ted Case discovered the first part of the Movietone Sound Film system, changing the entertainment industry forever. Explore the history of that moment online and onsite!

Long Term Exhibits

Pioneer Physicians

Explore the history of medicine, surgery, and women's health during the 19th Century!

Both Sides of the Wall

Explore the history of Auburn Correctional facility, one of the oldest maximum security prisons in the US!

Case Research Lab

Explore the history of the birthplace of sound on film technology!