From Nonnie’s Italian Kitchen

By Elmerina Leonardi Parkman and Norma Leonardi Leone

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ISBN: 978-0-936635-25-5
Format: Paperback
Pages: 147
Publishing Information: 1988, Lion Press


“This is the kind of cookbook you will want to curl up with on a rainy night, If your heritage is Italian, as mine is, you will find a touch of nostalgia on just about every page. This cookbook is a wonderful source for discovering those old dishes your mother or grandmother used to cook and which you thought were lost forever.”

Lucy Cooper, Miami Herald, Restaurant Critic and Food Writer

The idea for this book began with a desire to preserve our mother’s recipes for her grandchildren, who call her “Nonnie” a childhood interpretation of the Italian word for grandmother. 

Everyone who knows our mother, Mary Leonardi, also knows she is a wonderful cook and that traditional Italian cooking is a very important part of her life. Her recipes reflect the influence of her parents, who came to America from Carpineto, a small village in the central hills of Italy, and our father’s family in Terracina, a seacoast town south of Rome, where he was born and lived until he came to America.

After 57 years of married life, our mother still prepares three meals a day and has a garden where she raises all her own parsley, oregano, basil, and many vegetables. She buys garlic by the pound, oil by the gallon, and canned tomatoes by the case, which she uses to cook large quantities of food in preparation for visits from family and friends.

“Nonnie” is an energetic, hardworking woman who is devoted to her family and who takes great pride and satisfaction in giving them good food to eat. She loves visitors and, in the Italian tradition, immediately offers coffee and cookies. Hardly anyone leaves empty handed, as she usually gives them something freshly made or picked from her garden. Over the years she has taken great delight in teaching family and friends how to prepare many of her recipes. Her patience is endless, and her understanding nature and kindness are well known.

Once we started to record these traditional recipes, we realized that they would appeal to many people. The ingredients are fresh, the recipes are easy to prepare, and the foods are tasty and nutritious. Most of the recipes have never been written down before and have come directly from watching and helping our mother prepare the food.This cookbook is for beginning and experienced cooks. The recipes can easily be adapted for special tastes by increasing or decreasing the amount of seasonings. In this age of instant foods and frozen pizzas, From Nonnies’ Italian Kitchen is a refreshing change. Follow these recipes and you will be twice rewarded: You will eat well and your family and guests will love you.