Ivanhoe Foods Inc. was formed in 1929 to take over the Ivanhoe Mayonnaise division of the C.G. Meaker Co. Ellis Meaker, son of Charles G. Meaker, became president of Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe Foods was a major mayonnaise producer in Auburn from 1929 to WWII. After war broke out, trade was cut off and there were shortages of many products and essential foods. Mayonnaise was not considered an essential food, but onions were, so the factory produced dehydrated onions during the war years to send to troops overseas.

To make Auburnians aware of the importance of the onion business (and subsequent smell in the city), Meaker placed ads in the local paper stating: “Our onions are for field rations for our fighting men. When you smell onions, pray for peace.”

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