The Madame’s Business:
The Remarkable Life and Tragic Death of Malvina Guimaraes

By Ann Callaghan Allen

$14.99 (plus tax & shipping)

ISBN: 978-1-7326931-0-4
Format: Paperback
Pages: 159
Publishing Information: 2018, Oswego Micro Publishing Co.


She was a wealthy, successful business tycoon…..

Adrift on one of the Atlantic Ocean’s most famous shipwrecks…..

A bold adventurer who opened the South American market to an amazing new technological invention….

A domestic violence survivor who escaped her abuser in the dark of night…..

A 19th century # MeToo woman whose true story reads like fiction…..

The Madame’s Business chronicles the true story of the rich, colorful entrepreneur Malvina Dean Guimaraes Seabra, an Oswego woman who spurned the 19th century view of a woman’s place, and amassed a fortune that was the focus of a 13 year-long court case over its ownership and control.