Muller Bonaparte and A Lady

By Ward O’Hara

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 124
Publishing Information: 1991


The story begins with the discovery of Muller Hill by the author and his wife. It concerns the mysterious French nobleman whose assumed name was Louis Anathe Muller. Muller came to American in 1808. He bought 2750 acres in the wildes of the Georgetown Hills news De Yuter in Madison County, New York. He built a fortress-like chateau on his property to escape Napoleon Bonaparte’s wrath. He went home to France in 1814, returning to Muller Hill in 1816 to find his once beautiful property denuded by a rascal employee.

Also, the story of Mary Sisson’s life as a young girl from 1829 until 1835 on the Muller property appears in letters to her granddaughter.

Mary Sisson’s story is followed by the story of Joseph Bonaparte’s stay in America at the lake in northern New York State, east of Watertown, named after him. We find the mysterious death of his bodyguard and a young lady in a cave intriguing. This book ends with the remarkable story of Mary Sisson’s life after she left Muller Hill.

This book is almost entirely written on historical facts tat are well recorded, but the casual reader may find this hard to believe for the stories herein, we hope you will agree, exceed fiction in a very mysterious and exciting way.