The Fountain

Look out the window towards the Schweinfurth Art Center.

The Willard family once owned the land now occupied by the Schweinfurth Art Center. This fountain caused Dr. Willard considerable trouble and expense. Several diary entries complain of it leaking and not working properly.  A July 3, 1880 entry states that Willard paid $25 to stop a leak but This was a miserable job costing much more than was necessary and the leak not stopped.”  

Fountain, late 1800’s

As Dr. Willard made extensive renovations to the interior of the mansion, the exterior also changed considerably.  The original Greek Revival house was painted white or cream, with white columns, and was meant to dominate the site like a Greek temple. When Dr. Willard turned towards the Italianate influence, the exterior was covered with stucco meant to mimic large blocks of stone and the trim painted a dark color to resemble limestone. In the romantic tradition, the house was meant to blend into the landscape, not stand out. When the house was converted to a museum, the brick was exposed and the trim painted again.