Community Engagement Volunteer

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12:00-2:30 PM or 2:30-5:00 PM

Position Description and Objectives:

  • Acts as the first point of contact to visitors entering the Cayuga Museum.
  • Provides warm, welcoming and professional atmosphere for visitors.
  • Orient visitors to the museum and promote tours of the Case Research Lab.
  • Provide tours of the Case Research Lab.
  • Initiate and complete all sales transactions.
  • Ensure work areas are neat and clean at all times.
  • Be able to answer and direct calls.
  • Cultivate personal knowledge of our merchandise, what are some favorite items you would recommend to visitors?
  • Act as stewards of the collection by enforcing museum policy on collections security and preservation.
  • Be knowledgeable of upcoming museum events and programs available to the public, and inform visitors of these initiatives.
  • Support Director of Development in production of publicity materials.

Skill Sets & Interests:

  • Be able to use or willing to learn PayPal
  • Act as a concierge or ambassador to the surrounding Auburn area and promote local events and businesses.
  • Attention to detail in handling sums of money.
  • Enthusiasm for interacting with the public and cultivating relationships with visitors.


  • Maintain working knowledge of museum’s interpretation and upcoming events to answer questions pertaining to the history of the Cayuga Museum, Case Research Lab, and daily operations.
  • Arrive on time for each shift and stay for the duration of the shift.
  • Contact the Director of Development immediately if an emergency prevents you from making your scheduled shift commitment.
  • Keep track of all hours volunteered in shared file within Google Docs.
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude when interacting with museum staff, other volunteers and visitors.
  • Dress Code: In an effort to maintain a professional Cayuga Museum image, we ask appropriate attire for business or casual business setting- please no ripped jeans, shorts, cut-offs, tank tops or flip flops. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended due to the active nature of the work.
  • If a member of the staff or a visitor does or says something inappropriate that makes you feel uncomfortable, speak with the Director of Development so the issue may be resolved.
  • Community Engagement Volunteers are asked not to disclose sensitive internal communications regarding policy, procedures, security and preservation efforts. If you are in doubt as to if something is confidential or not, you should consult with the Director of Development.


  • The staff & volunteer kitchen is located on the lower office level. Full access to amenities within the kitchen is available to all volunteers.
  • The restroom is directly next to the front desk.
  • Feel free to snack or eat your lunch in the kitchen as this is the ONLY room in the museum designated for such use.


  • The Cayuga Museum provides an orientation on the first day on the best practices of customer service to ensure visitor satisfaction.


  • A generous package including a one year Cayuga Museum Family Membership after twenty (20) hours of recorded volunteering.
  • Free admission to all special events.
  • Opportunity to come together with other individuals interested in film and local history, as well as unique art exhibitions.

If You Are Interested in the Position, Contact:

Geoffrey Starks
Director, Development and Outreach
P: (315) 253-8051