Build the West End Arts Campus

What is the West End Arts Campus?

The West End Arts Campus project is a collaboration which will combine our grounds with the neighboring Schweinfurth Art Center to create an anchor for the arts in our community. The Cayuga Museum has been awarded $485,000 from New York’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, and we need to match that support to reach our project goal!

Architect: Bero Architecture, Rochester, NY
Landscape Architect: EDR, Syracuse, NY
Cayuga Museum Budget: $1.3M
Construction in 2024
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Project Vision

The West End Arts Campus is a place where families, visitors, seniors, neighbors, artists, students, and the community come to connect with others and engage in the arts. It is one campus where all people can experience visual and performing arts, history and culture in a dynamic, ever-changing assortment of exhibits, performances, events and classes. It is a place where people connect through the arts.

Features of Site Plan

Transition of Accessible Entrance to Main Entrance
  • No longer need to travel around building to access elevator
  • Safe, accessible pathway will connect all campus buildings
  • New directional signage will make entrances clear
  • Door will be modified to open automatically
Upgraded Infrastructure
  • Parking lot will be re-paved and much easier to find and navigate
  • Delineated walking paths will better protect pedestrians crossing grounds
  • Two new public plazas will be added and grounds will be connected to new plaza at Schweinfurth Art Center, allowing for increased traffic between the two institutions
  • An extensive assortment of railings will be installed to allow all visitors to safely make their way to and from the parking lot
Expansion of Greenspace
  • Extensive landscaping will restore the greenery and historic character of the property
  • New trees and greenery will be planted throughout the grounds
  • An assortment of gardens will be added to the rear and sides of the property


Create a Lasting Legacy

Build the West End Arts Campus!

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Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about this project and other ways you can give, reach out to Geoff Starks at or by calling 315-253-8051