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First Friday: STEAMLab

Welcome to STEAMLab, which you can only enjoy on First Fridays! Each month, come to the Cayuga Museum and explore the connections between history, science, and art with all of your senses. Everyone is encouraged to participate, whether you’re 9 or 90! STEAMLab activities will be available from 5-7PM each First Friday. You can also explore the ongoing exhibits at the Cayuga Museum until 8:00 PM, all completely for free!


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May 6

Experience the launch of our brand new program! The first STEAMLab will include a white glove tour of some historical objects which you are actively encouraged to touch. Explore history with your hands, and tell us what you think people in the past might have used these objects for.

June 3

Did you know that “soft drinks” were made popular in America by local people such as Harriet Tubman and Emily Howland? These women and many others in Cayuga County were part of the Temperance movement which sought to eliminate alcohol from public life. One of the solutions was to make soda more popular. Now it’s time for you to make some historic sodas of your own! Come to the Cayuga Museum on June 3 and make your own soft drinks. 

Our June STEAMLab is made possible in part with support from Wegmans.

July 1

Fun with fossils in the STEAMLab! Check out some of the Museum’s fossils, and then have some fun with one of the most common leftovers from prehistoric times: chalk! Help us and our friends at the Schweinfurth Art Center complete a mural connecting our sidewalks together before First Friday is over!

August 5

Cartography at the Cayuga Museum! Maps are vital to the fields of history, art, and science. They can  tell us where we are and where we’re going, and they can be used to help make fictional worlds seem more real. From 5-7 PM in the STEAMLab, come make your own “memory maps” of the neighborhood you grew up in or your favorite place, then see how you can use these maps to tell a story about you.

September 2

Fall is just around the corner! Come ring in the new season with us for First Friday. View a piece of the Auburn Community Forest Art Show, craft with cork in the STEAMLab, and explore the Case Research Laboratory with the Lab curator, and come take a sneak peek of next year’s 2023 exhibit. Admission is free during this time!

October 7

New exhibit opening and an Auburn Architecture Challenge! Come out for the opening of a new exhibit celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the United Way of Cayuga County, then make LEGO models of the Willard-Case Mansion in this month’s STEAMLab!

November 4

Join us and our friends from the Schweinfurth Art Center as we make art using leaves from the enormous ginkgo tree on the Cayuga Museum campus. Use the leaves as paint brushes, make some leaf pressings, and find all sorts of creative ways to use these distinctive and ancient fan shaped leaves.

December 2

From 5-7PM explore the history of sound film by making your own cup phones and thaumatropes in the STEAMLab.

Thank You

Thank you to the members and donors of the Cayuga Museum, who make it so that we can have these activities while remaining open to the public for free on First Fridays! If you would like to consider joining the membership or donating to the Museum, click one of the buttons below.


Any questions about this program or suggestions for activities we can include? Contact Geoff Starks by clicking the button below or calling (315) 253-8051.